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From players’ contracts to ground regulations. From marketing and promotional material to medical reports. From football magazines to the daily content uploaded on the Club’s website.
For everything that is even vaguely associated to football, we produce engaging text that conveys the real meaning of your original content.

Our translators are confident with all sorts of electronic formats or web software, so feel free to challenge their technical skills! We know time is precious for you so we make sure you get back your material in the preferred format to maximise your time.

Football works at crazy hours - we've learned that down the years and so have our team.
Post-match, Sunday night, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day: it makes no difference to us. We are there when you need us and (touching wood!) we have never missed a deadline in all these years!
The same goes for our rates: we detest all those hidden extras for out-of-hours or bank holidays that translation agencies love to charge. We just believe that a competitive rate is for ever!

Click here for an immediate quote to find out more or contact here the CFL manager of your respective country.

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