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Over 14 years, Clark Football Languages has sent interpreters to more than 1000 live press conferences for national and international events. Many are now well-known to the media circuit.

This is where you are most likely to have spotted them:

UEFA Champions League games
UEFA Europa League games
UEFA Euro qualifying games
FIFA World Cup qualifying matches
UEFA Euro tournaments

But our work goes far beyond that. Our interpreters have collected countless hours of specific interpreting assignments. Player unveilings, assistance during disciplinary cases, TV/media one-to-one interviews with foreign players, negotiations between clubs and/or players, charity events, official meetings between federations and much, much more. Once we even had to provide an interpreter for a foreign player’s wife giving birth!

Ask Peter about that and other funny stories!

Our pricing structure is simple, transparent and highly competitive.
Get in touch here to find out more or contact here the CFL manager of your respective country.

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