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Clark Football Languages Ltd. (UK)

CFL Ltd. has been providing football interpreters, translators and language tutors to the UK football world since 2001.

At international level, we specialise in providing experienced, football knowledgeable interpreters to clubs competing in the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and for major internationals, both competitive and for friendly internationals.

On a national level we work with clubs and FA’s on a day-to-day basis by providing football interpreters for foreign managers, such as Mauricio Pochettino during his very successful first two years at Southampton and for Pepe Mel at WBA. We also provide UK clubs with football interpreters for everyday scenarios, be this a TV interview, an interview with the club website, helping a player with his boiler in his apartment, translating for a foreign manager and a player in a one-on-one chat to translating legal documents or club info sheets for their foreign players and staff.

In addition to providing clubs with football interpreters and translators, we are at the club’s training ground on a day-to-day basis providing foreign players with English lessons (football specific when required) or also providing the English speaking staff of the club with foreign language lessons.

We have built up a great reputation in this field and count the Italian managers Fabio Capello (England), Carlo Ancelotti (Chelsea) and the player Vincenzo Montella during his spell at Fulham as very happy students, where the lessons and learning about the British football culture very much helped them settle in to their roles. Most importantly we specialise in helping non-EU players achieve the required standard in English to pass the UK Home Office English language proficiency test, which is a legal requirement to extend the non-UK player’s visa.
We have a 100% record of helping non-UK players all over the UK to pass this test.

Our contact
Peter Clark
CFL Ltd. Director
Office: +44-1727-869 022
+44-7973-519 863
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