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About CFL

Clark Football Languages Ltd. is a bespoke football language company that works closely with football clubs, football associations, football bodies and the press, media and TV involved in international football, by providing a complete and unique football language service.

CFL Ltd, and its multimedia arm CFL Media Services, offer interpreting, translations, transcriptions, language tuition, video editing, voiceovers, and a full range of other language and multimedia services – all specifically aimed at the world of international professional football, and backed up by the knowledge of our football-expert staff.

The company was officially set up by Peter Clark in 2001. CFL Ltd is now an established provider operating in 16 countries throughout Europe and is unique, in so far that CFL Ltd is the only ‘language company’ purely specialising in international football throughout Europe and the football world.

We understand football is a 24/7 business and our goal is to be there whenever our clients need us. We provide support 365 days a year with the same high level of quality and the best competitive prices.



… work exclusively with football-enthusiast qualified native-speaker linguists.

… have over 14 years experience in the football and language industries having worked for the biggest names in this sport.

… take very seriously the confidentiality of your documents and we are ready to take any step to safeguard it.

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